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The Jack Petchey Foundation Award Scheme:

Jack Petchey was born in 1925 and brought up in the East End of London with few luxuries. He left school to work in an office for twelve shillings and six pence (62.5p) per week. After the war Jack set up his own car hire business which developed into car sales - by 1959 Jack was selling nearly 20 cars per week and had over 40 hire cars on the road.

By 1969 Jack Petchey had branched out into property development and through this became a leading entrepreneur and one of the most successful business men in Britain. Jack is still actively involved in many businesses and charitable enterprises.

The Jack Petchey Foundation was formed in 1999 and since then over 88 million has been given to youth programmes. Jack Petchey wants the Achievements Awards scheme to recognise:

“Extreme endeavour and to help young people to help themselves”

The Jack Petchey Foundation operates an Achievement Award Scheme in over 2000 schools and clubs throughout all London Boroughs and in 2006 our league was accepted as a member club. The scheme is open to any youth organisation working with young people aged 11 - 25 within the catchment area and over 5 million is allocated each year. The scheme is divided into three categories, the Gold Scheme is for mainly larger organisations, the Silver is for medium sized and the Bronze is for smaller; we have been accepted into the Silver Scheme.

Participating youth organisations such as ours select six young persons to receive an Achievement Award each year and the winner receives a framed certificate and a sum of money to be spent on a youth organisation or community project of the recipient’s choice.

In addition our league can nominate one adult a year to receive a Leader Award and this person must have supported young people in an exceptional way for at least two years. The chosen person will receive a framed certificate, boxed gilt medallion and a sum of money for the league or a community project.

Details and photographs of the award winners are shown below and will also be displayed in our refreshment room along with a nomination box and nomination forms for future use.


March 2007

Tom Wilkinson

June 2007

Todd Joyce

September 2007

Josh Peterson

December 2007

Jack Corps

March 2008

Sophie Harris

     “         “

Jimmy Killick

June 2008

Chris. Taylor

     “         “

Danny Roberts

September 2008

Abigail Ingram

     “        “         “

Kieran Sabine

December 2008

Zak Enness

 “        “        “

Glenn Harris

Spring 2009

Dayle Winters

“         “       “

Billy Sales

Summer 2009

‘Mak’ Jenkins

“         “       “

Daniel Beale

Autumn 2009

Trevor Twomey

    “     “      “

Marcus Falzon

Spring 2009

Ronnie Winters

    “    “      “

Ryan Kapper

    “    “      “

Harly Muller

    “    “      “

Alfie Davis

December 2010

Danny Ingrams

   “     “     “

Scott Harper

Spring 2011

Paul Mouette

“      “      “

Freddy Nash

“      “      “

Georgie Brown

“      “      “

Bonnie Bulled

Autumn 2011

Keeley Harris

“        “      “

Tony Beall

Spring 2012

Alfie Thorpe

“      “      “

Ben Hickmott

“      “      “

Reece Millen

“      “      “

Lewis Jordan

Autumn 2012

Martin Petrov

“      “      “

Ben Verrall

Autumn 2012

Chris Collins

“      “      “

Kyle Proctor

“      “      “

‘Bubbles’ Twomey

“      “      “

Toby Hunt

Autumn 2013

Tayla Lock

“      “      “

Joshua Owen

Spring 2014

William Goodwin

“      “      “

Emmanuel Ogunsanwo

“      “      “

Jordan Bulled

“      “      “

Joel Dillaway

Autumn 2014

Archie Gabriel

“      “      “

Daniel Balogun

Spring 2015

Josh Locke

“      “      “

Tyler Kerlew-Stewart

“      “      “

Harry Wilson

“      “      “

Joe Verrall

Autumn 2015

Tyler Morris

“      “      “

J.J. Shaw

Spring 2016

Megan Perkins

“      “      “

Ronnie Spinks

“      “      “

Tommy Ledger

“      “      “

Cameron de Silva








2010 (Joint)





2012 (Joint)

Jo Englefield

‘Floss’ Henry


Neil Harris





Our first award winner was Tom Wilkinson who was a former player in the league and who returned a few years ago to manage the Hawks team. He has also become a qualified referee in order to help us by officiating in matches.


The picture below shows Tom receiving the Jack Petchey cheque for 600 from Chairman Rob Jeal later in the day at the Annual National Tournament mentioned above


The picture below shows our second award winner Todd Joyce receiving his certificate from one of our founder members and a former Mayor of Croydon Cllr. Brenda Kirby with Jim Browne looking on, this was at the Annual Presentation of Awards ceremony in June 2007. Todd has been a credit to his team & the league and this was reflected in that all the other players in his division voted for him as Players’ Player for the 2006/07 season


The picture below shows our third award winner Josh Peterson receiving his certificate, again from Cllr. Brenda Kirby, but this time at the opening of the 2007/08 season when we had two Academy teams and two Premier teams competing for their respective Charity Shield type trophies. Also in the picture is Lin Green our current Chairman. Josh had just completed five years playing in the league without missing any of his team’s matches - a remarkable achievement


The two pictures below were taken at the Presentation event on Saturday 5th July 2008 when Rob Jeal who is now an Assistant Director at Gillingham F.C. gave out the Jack Petchey certificates and medallions


Our first winner of a Leader Award - Lin Green - joined the league in 1985 as an assistant team manager when her son became a player in our Colts team and Lin has been managing Colts continuously ever since, albeit with different players every year.  Over the years and at different times Lin has taken on several of the roles necessary in the running of the league e.g. Chairman, Treasurer, Social Secretary and manager of our National Squad; she is currently co-chairman and is again manager of the National Squad while continuing to manage Colts.

We have only a few pictures of Lin taking part in league activities but those shown below give some indication of her willingness to be a very active member of the league team.




The picture below shows Lin Green, winner of the 2007 Jack Petchey Leader Award,  presenting the representative cheque for 1000.00 to Linda Shute, Head Teacher at Rowdown Primary School, to pay for much needed sports equipment.


The photograph below shows Jane Evans from the Jack Petchey Foundation with some of our members to whom she had just presented Achievement Awards and medallions at our annual presentation on Saturday 20th June 2009..  At the front are players in our u/10s National Squad proudly wearing their new Jack Petchey sponsored playing kit. 


The pictures below were taken at the Annual Presentation of Awards Ceremony on the 3rd July 2010 and include the winners of Jack Petchey Achievement and Leader Awards


In November 2010 two representatives of New Addington Little League, Kieran Sabine and Jodie Suarez,  attended the Lord Mayor’s Show. The following pictures taken at the  event show them during and at the end of the march


Players in the league took part in a sponsored walk in October 2011 to raise money for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and succeeded in reaching a total of 700.00. The players all received a medal recognising their effort and these medals were purchased using a 200.00 grant made to one of our Achievement Award winners - Bonnie Bulled.

The picture below shows our Chairman Lin Green handing the cheque over to the Cancer Charity representative; Bonnie Bulled is looking on just behind the recipient.



The following pictures of three of our award winners were taken at the Jack Petchey Awards Ceremony in Bromley in July 2013.  The awards were presented by Danny Crates the 800m Gold medal winner in the 2004 Paralympics which were held in Athens.




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